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About HempVe

Here at HempVe we have simple goals~ We believe hemp should be together in one place and wanted to create a space where all hemp companies big or small can post their products along side one another.  We want to help people already in or interested in the hemp industry to connect with each other to build a stronger hemp community.  And we want people to shop hemp! We believe hemp is not only the future of sustainable shopping but the future for a sustainable Earth. We want to share those beliefs with the world. Whether your a shopper, provide a service, a producer, a grower, a retailer or wholesaler- if you buy/sell hemp/hemp related or hemp derived products, HempVe is the site for you. We’ve created this platform for buyers and sellers to come together to shop and sell GREEN! Not only is it free to browse ads on HempVe, it’s free to post your hemp products for sale!



Buyers and sellers on HempVe are solely responsible for all transactions. By using this site you acknowledge and agree that HempVe LLC has no affiliation with either buyers or sellers and carries no responsibility or liability for any transactions, ad listings or user communication. All transactions, ad listings and communications are at your own risk and are not regulated or managed by HempVe. It is up to each buyer, seller or user to be knowledgeable of the legal and/or licensing requirements and laws governing the country or state they reside in, buy from or sell to.  All items listed on HempVe must be industrial hemp derived products and abide by the laws, requirements and licensing governing industrial hemp. All sales of Featured ads or Bump ads are final and may not be subject to refund. By using HempVe you agree to our Terms and Conditions and disclaimer.

Welcome to HempVe and please buy and sell responsibly!